Shudder the Netflix of Horror


I was at a convention and Shudder was there offering a month of free trials and a free pair of horror socks if you signed up with them at the convention. If you know my weird love for socks then you know it was a no brainer for me to sign up so I could get the socks. I love the socks. I love horror movies how could this go wrong.

They have a fantastic selection of horror tv and movies. I watched so many over the year that I paid for it. They even had Fear Itself which was a primetime non cable version of Masters of Horror. I fell in love with it in high school and I was excited to get to watch it again. I really liked the selection of movies and shows. That really brought me in. Sadly what ended up making me drop my subscription was it wasn’t user friendly and not smart tv friendly. I had a hard time finding things on the site when trying to use it on my television. Movies they were pushing would start playing right away while I tried to get to something I wanted to watch. It became too much of a hassle to use I eventually cancelled my subscription.

They have a fantastic array of horror movies and shows. It’s definitely like the Netflix of horror with the tons of low budget and random stuff you probably have never seen before. I would have loved to continue using it if it hadn’t been so hard to navigate. I almost exclusively stream on the tv in my living room. (that’s probably gonna change because my new computer is upstairs in my streaming room).

They have exclusive Shudder tv series and movies. They even have podcasts. There is a high chance they I will try it again at some point because I would love to watch all the original stuff. Just looking at the list on their website there is so much that looks interesting. If you are a fan of b rated stuff I think it really is something you should at least check out.

So if you are using the program on your computer its a lot more user friendly and I definitely say it’s worth the extremely low price of $5 a month for the entire library. If you are using it on your tv I probably wouldn’t until they made it more user friendly.  check it ouf.