Petco Star Wars Dog Toys on Clearance


I am a huge geek and this extends to my pets when I am looking at toys for them. Before we had even rescued Persephone I saw a Darth Vader pet bed on clearance and I picked it up and told the boyfriend that it would be the new dogs bed when we finally got her. She sleeps in it every night and loves it as much as I love the way it looks. We ended up getting her a donut collar cause it was so cute. We are also getting her a tiki collar for when the donut collar is dirty so she has two collars instead of just one.

The other day while we were at Petco waiting for our puppy training classes we have put her in. I walked to the back corner of the store and saw that there was some more Star Wars stuff in the clearance bucket. I really love when I can find stuff like this even better when its only a couple of dollars. The first toy was a Kylo Ren ball with a rope. She loved it so much that within days she had ripped it open and I had to pull out all the stuffing and just let her play with the fabric and rope. She drags it around the house happily smacking it against the ground. It didn’t make it very long in its original form but it is still very loved by our pup in its new form.

The next toy I was a little worried she wasn’t going to play with it at all. It was a plastic squeaky toy of Han Solo in Carbonite. We bought her a similar toy that was an ice cream bar and she’s never played with it. I figured if she never plays with it, it would be ok and would just look cute with her bed. Instead she loves it and chews on it and makes it squeak and drags it around the house. I love that she knows I wanted her to play with it and so she fell in love with it herself.

There were many more pieces but I haven’t yet seen them in stores anymore. I would have bought more had they come out when she was already our little princess.