Kitten’s Horror Movie Nights – Gremlins


I am in love with Gizmo. I absolutely love Gremlins. When I was younger I would watch the film all the time. I loved all the creatures. The film is a silly 80’s film with so much love from the creators. You can tell they had fun while making it and all the characters were built with personality and emotion.The movie is about a man who gets his son a little creature as a gift. The creature has only 3 rules. Keep him out of the sun, no water and no feeding after midnight. Of course hi-jinks ensue and Gizmo gets hit with water. When this happens we get the scary little gremlins. I absolutely love Stripe. He will forever be one of my favorite gremlins.

I even got to work with Zach Galligan for Mad Monster this last year. He plays Billy in the movie. He was an absolute joy to work with. I even without realizing forced him to work as a volunteer for me and to my horror he delighted in letting me know the next day instead of mentioning it while I was in fierce fixing a problem mode.

The film is campy and cheesy and a whole lot of fun. I love the puppets that create each gremlin. I love how each of them are all different and have their own personality. That is my favorite part of the movie is the personalities of each gremlin. You can tell they put a lot of time into each one. They are all so different. I remember growing up and watching this film and being scared of Stripe. He now is my favorite because he has the most personality.

I used to collect gizmo toys because he was just too cute. Even right now I have a small stuffed Gizmo on my bed. He is such an adorable pet. I wonder if when I was a kid if I would have followed the rules or if our town would have been overrun by Gremlins as well. I am gonna guess that we would have been fighting Gremlins for a while because I probably would have continued to feed him late on the regular because I like eating at night.

There is a third film now in the works. I am pretty excited for it. I can’t wait to see what they do with the product that they have to work with.