Lazy Dog Cafe


I have spent many years making fun of this restaurant because an old roommate called it a hipster place. She basically told us it was the cool place to go. She was a trend chaser and so I just constantly made fun of it. I had never eaten here until the boyfriend asked if we could go for his birthday because they have the area for you to eat your dinner with your dog and now that we have a dog we want to spend as much time as we can with her. Though our first trip we ended up not bringing her because it was far too cold to sit outside. When we got to the restaurant we realized that maybe we might have not hated sitting outside because they had the heated areas of the patio and I think we might have been ok to sit out their but we were both happy to sit indoors and eat delicious food.

We both ordered drinks. He ordered beer and I ordered the flight of Sangria. The flight was a lot of alcohol I was actually expecting smaller glasses for each flavor. I didn’t end up finishing my drinks. There was a pomegranate, a berry and a peach flavored Sangria. They came in a cute little set with little tags showing me what each of the drinks are flavored. I did not like the pomegranate drink at all. It is funny because it ended up being the one I completely finished because I didn’t want to waste it. The next flavor up was the berry. It was ok. Not a great berry Sangria drink. I was hoping it would be a great flavor. It’s not the worst though. Then there was the peach flavor. It was by far the best flavor and ends up being my favorite. I love peach in general but I was very happy with it. The next time we go I will order just the peach sangria. I love sangrias and I hope that they decide to make more flavors in the future because I would enjoy trying more flavors.

Then we ordered our food. He had already decided that he wanted the Blue Cheese smothered Ribeye. I had looked through the menu when he told me this is where he wanted to go for dinner and found that I wanted to try the Meatloaf because I love meatloaf. It was so delicious. He ate his ribeye way faster then I finished my food. The meatloaf was wrapped in bacon and is over a plate of mashed potatoes and some veggies. It was the right match of flavors for everything. The sauce and the meat were perfectly touched and each bite was a delight. I would gladly eat that meal again and I will definitely eat it again the next time we go with the puppy.

The cool thing about the restaurant is they have a dog menu so that your dog can eat with you while you are enjoying your drinks and dinner.