So Cal Pet Expo


Since getting Persephone I have been searching out pet friendly events we could take her to. I want her to get used to being around lots of people and lots of animals. She loves going to play at the dog park but I want her to get calmer around dogs and understand that sometimes its not play time.

One of the nice things about this event was that it was pet friendly. Most Pet Expo’s don’t actually let you bring your animal. This was a huge plus for me because I enjoy looking at different brands and getting to let my puppy taste test things make it quite easy to purchase while I am standing there. If I have to guess its a lot harder because though the dog will eat pretty much anything we have a cat that will barely eat anything. So getting samples is a great way for us to find what he likes and what he doesn’t like.

The cost of the show was $5 a person or $3 if you donated a pet food item for a pet charity. For the size of the convention this was a really great thing. I went to Cat Con La the first year and at $50 a person it was about the same amount of vendors and less vendors offering samples. I felt this event was a lot more interactive then others I have gone to. I got to talk to different vendors and learn about different types of products.

There were a couple of vendors selling CBD stuff. I have been hearing about this online but hadn’t yet bought anything for any of our pets. I ended up getting a couple of different samples that I am excited to try with our pet babies. There was a good mix of vendors. It wasn’t just all clothing or vets but a little bit of everything so you weren’t looking at the same thing each time. They even had a pet obstacle course. We had our puppy try it but she was a little scared and had a hard time doing it. She looked super cute trying though.

They also had a pet clinic where you could get vaccinations and other vet services while at the show. We meant to get the free nail trimming with the dog but we forgot but because we went back on sunday with the cat and got her microchipped for super cheap and her free nail trimming.

Overall we had a really great time and look forward to the next one this group puts on. Definitely worth the time stopping by.