The Hivemind World of Warcraft


So WoW has been coming out with these neat secret mounts and pets that allow users to spend a great amount of time figuring them out. I hadn’t yet done any of them when one of my friends messaged me while I was running Ulduar for a chance at the mount asking if I wanted to join them in their quest to get the Hivemind. I almost said no because I know it’s like a 3 hour process and I didn’t want to spend all night doing it but then I realized it’s a pretty cool mount and I’d like to play with my friends more in game. I rarely play with people in game so it’s nice to not play alone. I could talk forever on the one gripe I have in WoW now is the loss sense of community from the introduction of LFR but I won’t because that’s not what this article is about.

I am enjoying the different quest chains they are making because they give you something to look forward to figuring out and are neat to have a secret mount or pet. I am in love with Ba’al I can not wait to get him. This particular questline once it was figured out the hardest part was the end when you were doing a riddle with a group of five people. The only annoying part is the second part because multiple people can come and up and ruin your timing.

I have the green monocle and now I can help other friends get their mount if they need help.