Happy Season One on Netflix


I saw there was a new show on Neflix and the star was Christopher Meloni. I adore him in just about everything he does so I put it on my list to watch. I didn’t know anything about it just he was starring in it. When my boyfriend told me he wanted to watch it as our dinner time show, I was ready to watch it with him.

The show is about a ex cop/assassin who is in trouble with the mob who gets a visit from a flying blue unicorn who asks him for help to rescue a little girl who has been kidnapped. The show is based off of a graphic novel that I now want to purchase.

The show is gritty and surreal, its like an acid trip with graphic violence and some really great acting. The characters are fantastically created. The villains are true villains and you can feel there evil. Each actor really brings something different to the show. Christopher Meloni plays the perfect grumpy, done with life scumbag with a heart Nick Sax. He plays the tough guy who actually cares pretty well. Patton Oswalt plays Happy the flying unicorn imaginary friend. He is obnoxious and annoying and just a great addition to the show. Patrick Flischer is my favorite villain. He plays the creepy dude far too well.

I am so excited that the show has been renewed for a second season. If you like gritty comic book shows, silly cartoon shows, dramas or comedies you might just fall in love with this fun piece of television.