No Mercy a card game review


I was given this game by a friend as a gift because he knew that I loved card games and cats. I was excited to play it but we have been slow about hosting board game nights because I am always busy trying to get a million things done. This year I am gonna get my to do list done.

We hosted a game night at Phantom Ales recently and we decided to start the night off with No Mercy. It’s an adorable game with cats and aliens artwork. The game is war with a twist. I like the fact that the game is easy to learn and still competitive. We were all laughing and making fun of each other pretty quickly. It was fun throwing down cards and seeing the art that each card had. There were some really adorable cat cards.

If you don’t know the game of war the idea is to have the highest number card. So everyone (we played a 4 person card game) throws down one card from the top of their deck and then the person with the lowest number flipped over a action card. That card then either helped or hindered the person. This went until it reached the highest number and then the highest number at the end won the cards. The point of the game is too wind up with all the alien and cat cards in your hand. Once you have no cards in your hand you are out.