Tsepish Pin of the Month Club


I am in a lot of Blizzard groups to talk about the games and things we like. I saw someone post this gorgeous sleeping Ysera pin and I had to have it. She said she would be selling them at Con Before the Storm. So I made sure that year that as soon as she said she would be there I left the party I was at and ran over to ensure that I would be able to get the pin. I fell in love with her artwork that day. Then a few weeks later I saw her make a post about how she had a Patreon where she did a pin of the month club. I immediately joined because I wanted all of her pins. I had never joined anyone’s Patreon until this point and I am sure I made the right choice.

Over the last year she has released some of the cutest pins. I love each and every design she has made and made it my mission to get them all. I know I am missing a couple because I missed one of her pins she sold out of at that first Blizzcon I met her at. I also am missing the wowhead set I haven’t been lucky enough to find a set that isn’t crazy expensive. My board might even be missing a pin because I have had all my pins on different boards and now I am trying to get them ready to be displayed.

She not only does Blizzard related pins but all types of fantasy and video game stuff. I love the little chocobo and the pokemon ones that we have coming this month. I can’t wait to see what she brings in for her next designs.

Thank you Tsepish for making pins that I love to display.

If you want to join her patreon you should do so here: https://www.patreon.com/tsepish