Mad Monster Party North Carolina 2019


I love being a part of the Mad Monster family. That really is why the show holds such a special place in my heart. When you go to the convention it feels like you are meeting back up with 8000 of your closest friends who all love horror just like you do.

The convention is held once a year in North Carolina. There are multiple shows in other parts of the country but right now I will just talk about this show. There will be posts for the other shows when we get to them.

For three days horror fans get to immerse themselves in an event with many fun celebrities, parties, panels and events. The show caters to all different parts of the genre. You will see monsters, directors, actors, wwe stars. There is a little bit of something for everyone.

This years show was no exception the main event celebrity is Bruce Campbell. I am a huge fan of his so I was so excited to get to meet him. He has done so many of the B rated horror films that I grew up watching with my dad. The show also featured Doug Jones, Danielle Harris, Ray Wise, and many more. The show hosts a screening room with tons of short films, indie films, never before seen releases and much more. Return to Return to Nuke’em High had its North Carolina premiere. If you are a huge fan of horror movies attending the show just to sit and watch films all day is totally worth it. If there wasn’t so much to do I would love to spend all day just watching the films. I totally dig short films.

The late night events are never one to disappoint. This year along with the Madam Monster showcase. Bruce Campbell did his very entertaining fan show Last Fan Standing. There is too much to see at the show so you have to pick and choose what you want to see. That’s the nice part about the show is because there is so much going on you are never bored.

I always have a blast and I am impatiently waiting for the next show. Is it 2020 yet?