Hustle Castle a Phone Game


So lately when on my phone doing nothing I have found this cute game called Hustle Castle. It’s like a mix between Fallout Shelter and a side scrolling game with battles. The artwork is family guy-esque and the monsters are cute.

In the game your princess gets kidnapped and you have to save her by battling monsters and creatures. The way you are able to go on these missions is by building up your castle so that it is stronger and you have more people to take on battles. Each time you go to battle you have to spend some of your food so you need a lot of food to be able to continue on the path to getting back your princess. There is a lot of extra things to do as you go along. Just recently they had a Chinese New Year event that gave you a lot of great things if you just logged in regularly and spun the wheel. I wanted the baby dragon but I didn’t end up getting him. Lol.

You gather resources to take care of your people and use the resources to battle or level up your building. Sometimes monsters or rats come into your castle and you have to send people to defeat them. It’s the cutest animation and probably one of my favorite things about the game. There is so much to do and entertain yourself worth. It is a free game that lets you spend a little time doing some fun stuff while you try to spend your day being productive.