Thailand My First Adult Trip Out of the Country


So this is a precursor to the actual trip that happens in two months. I am racing against the clock to set everything up but the next trip will be much easier once my passport is in hand.

So Valentine’s Day a trip company on Instagram was advertising the chance to win a getaway. I entered even thought I have yet to win a getaway anywhere. I couldn’t believe it when they messaged me to let me know that I had won. I was over the top excited. My other half not so much. He would rather stay home and enjoy his computer then go out and see the world. When I told my best friend she said she was down and within hours we had a 10 day trip to Thailand booked. I am now racing to get my passport and to buy my flight while I figure out how incredibly enriching this trip will be. I can’t believe I am going to a bucket list location with one of my favorite people. I feel so blessed that I get to travel and do amazing things.

So look for the end of April a couple of articles about my amazing trip to Thailand.