Natural Products Expo West 2019


This is one of my favorite shows of the year because tons of delicious companies get together and bring lots of tasty food for me to try and take home. I love getting to try all the new to market and all the yet to market stuff.

I used to only go to the show as an attendee but the last two years I have worked for the show through a temp company and it’s been fantastic. I get to see the show and make some dough. It works out for everyone.

There are tons of brands trying to make it into stores. There are talks about branding and making food and so much more. The entire show is fun and engaging and you leave happy and full. I always look for foods I would want to eat after the fact.

One brand even brings a marching band every year. I love the different things companies do to get themselves noticed. This year there were a few spin the wheels and a couple different claw machines. I always walk away with some cool swag. Meyers was giving out pencils that became basil plants. I got a cool metal spoon from one company. It is most definitely one of my favorite shows of the year.