Deep Dark and Dangerous by Mary Downing Hahn


I was looking for horror books at the library and came across this one. It looked sorta cool so I thought why not. I had never read anything from this writer before so I wanted to give her a chance.

The book follows a 13 year old girl named Ali who finds an odd photograph in her attic with her mother and her aunt and a girl she doesn’t recognize. When she asks her mother about the picture her mother freaks out. She ends up going to Maine with her aunt to live for the summer and that’s when things get weird. her little cousin who also lives with them that summer keep seeing a girl who is mean and a bad influence on her. when Allie tries to figure out the strange circumstances around the death of the girl in the photo she finds out that there is a scarier ghost story to be told.

The story has horror, laughter, creep factor and some thrill. The book is written for children so of course it is not that intense. It reminded me a lot of RL Stine’s books that I used to read when I was a child and still do today. I like the way that the book spends a lot of time setting up b terror in the book. The girls go through a lot during the summer and as the book progresses you slowly realize what’s going on.

Overall I really enjoyed the book it was a little childish but being a book made for children that’s what you expect. There are even times in the book that I couldn’t guess what was going to happen next. If you like horror or creepy situations I would definitely pick up this ya book.