Love Death and Robots a Netflix Original


I started seeing people posting about this show and thought I should give it a try. I like sci fi and I like Robots how bad could it be? Well it was the opposite of bad and from the first episode totally hooked me. I fell in love with the first episode. I liked a lot of the others but the very first is where they got me. Sonnie’s Edge was by far my favorite and I would love to see a full length film about that story line. Other stories were just as engaging and interesting.

Each story has its own tale to tell, they are as different as they are the same and they all fit together into a fantastic anthology. It works. I don’t think there was one story I didn’t like. Some of the tales were violent and sexual, others were just weird, some were magical and some were supernatural.

My top 3 were of course Sonnie’s Edge, Good Hunting and Suits. Each different in art style and stories they tell yet each had there own charm and beauty. I loved all three of them for very different reasons. I would like to get some art done of different parts of all three to go up in my house.

I truly hope they do another round of these stories and maybe even take and expand on some of the stories. I would love to see this series expand and grow. It’s worth every penny they put into it.