Postings from a Shoe Obsessed Girl


So this weekend I went to a swap. We do it every other month about and we trade out things we don’t want anymore for things we do want. I happened to get incredibly lucky at this last swap and score a ton of things I actually wanted. Three of those amazing things were shoes. I got three gorgeous pairs of shoes and I am going to spend a lot of time getting my ankles back in the kind of shape that can wear that sort of thing.

First was a pair of Iron Fist platform heels with zombie print all over them in my size. They are brand new and just the cutest. I saw them and checked the size and knew that if i didn’t grab them I would be sad.

The next pair are a beautiful set of bright yellow heels. I am dying to wear them with something. Not sure just what yet but I can’t wait to put them on and be adorable.

The last pair were a gold sneaker with a heel hidden in them. They are super cool