Idol Heroes a Phone Game


I kept seeing this game posted everywhere and shown in ads when I played other games. I play a lot of mobile games when I am trying to pass the time. I have lots of time where I can’t do anything else so playing a mobile game works. I should be writing during that time but meh I will get back to that.

This game is one of those games where the longer you are away the more you can do when you come back. It also has a few quests you can do every day to get more stuff. I log in at least once a day and complete all the daily quests. I also pick up all my spirit so I can level up my characters.

I have 18 level 5 characters and I am working towards a level 6. You have to have a lot of level 5’s to combine to be able to make a level 6. So I have to get rid of some of my 5’s which is why I am working so hard to collect as many as I can. I have quite a few that I feel are really good.

The game is pretty simple. You battle to get dusts and spirit and gold that help you to make stronger fighters. I am maxed at certain points right now because I am stuck with not having enough high enough characters to make new higher characters. I can’t get any further in some of the dungeons. So I mostly log in just to get my daily and work towards getting better stuff.

I enjoy the game as a time waster and I like working towards getting different characters. I like that there are so many different characters you can get so that it doesn’t make you feel like you have to only get certain ones.