Captain Marvel – Why Im All In


I am all in for Captain Marvel. The film was cheesy at time, silly and dumb but it reminded me that we are always fighting a war not only inside us but all around us for something more.

We see her grow into Captain Marvel. Each chance she gets to do the right thing she does, she is constantly shown through out the film reasons to not do the right thing and yet she still does whats right. We watch her fall a lot and yet she bounces back and keeps on fighting.

Every little girl has felt left behind at some point. Even as adults we women tend to tear each other apart rather then help each other up. Her friendship is fierce and one I am all for. I love my friends with such a ferocious love. I want to see everyone succeed.

That’s what this film meant to me. Behind all the cheese and the silliness it stood for women empowerment, the idea that we stand with our friends and lift each other up and when times are tough we fight on.