My Favorite April Fools Jokes


World of Warcraft and Thinkgeek in my opinion tend to put out the best April’s fools jokes. One of the my favorite things about the Thinkgeek jokes is if they pick up enough steam then they tend to actually make the item. That is pretty neat to me to see something and really want it be bummed that it isn’t real and then be told well you wanted it enough we are going to make it.

Here were a couple from years past. I totally forgot it was April Fools and got so excited at the Barpg game. I collect board games and I think that is such a cool idea. I think it is neat all the fun ideas that Thinkgeek comes up with. Here is a link to all the past ones they have done.

World of Warcraft has had a lot of hilarious ones over the years. I enjoyed the T.I.N.D.R one.

You can check out all the past ones from World of Warcraft here.

Tell me what was your favorite April Fools jokes this year from companies you follow?