Wondercon 2019


I went to Wondercon both Saturday anmd Sunday. I went with a friend on Saturday and I took my mother on Sunday. I had some fun going around looking at art and getting a bit of swag.

The first day we spent the first couple of hours walking around the artist alley where I picked up a couple of pieces of art. I love pinup art, monsters and Warcraft stuff. So I bought a little from each. After we spent a bit of money in artist alley we went to go search out the Urban Decay GOT popup. Everyone gave us bad directions and it was difficult for us to find it, when we did find it we got in line to see the new collection and get our pin set.

After we got our pins we went home. I didn’t want to stay all day. So then I returned bright and early the next day. This time bringing my mom and her boyfriend. It was his birthday and he wanted to buy some pops. I walked them through the aisles and looked at everything. We then got in the crazy long line for Exploding Kittens. I had seen people do it before and never actually stopped to take the time to do it. The line took almost two hours and then we bought the $1 surprise item. We each ended up with food of some sort. I won a cucumber with spinning things on it. My mother won a bag of lemons and her boyfriend another vegetable. We all laughed about it then went over to Cryptozoic to buy Cryptkins cause that’s my sorta thing.

Overall I feel like WonderCon is a lot like Long Beach Comic Con or Anime Expo in there is a lot of booths but not a lot of sponsorship. I only go to go with friends.