Rated R a Horror Speakeasy


When I saw this event I made my other half agree that date night needed to happen in LA on a week night. Normally he would say no but because I was having oral surgery in the morning he agreed on the stipulation if I wasn’t feeling up to it we wouldn’t go. (I didn’t end up getting surgery that morning, yay our medical system,,, sigh) So we hung out for the day in LA. I went to a few stores and we got his passport (yay finally).

So we got to the event space about 45 minutes and ended up being first in line. The event was held at a costume shop in Glendale near the Galleria. It was in a pretty unique place. You had to walk through a maze to get inside. The maze was super dark and we giggled the whole time on our way in. Once inside they had a screening area for Joe Bob Briggs show on Shudder. The area was actually really cool because it was set up with these cool inflatable seats. My boyfriend and I both agreed that it was pretty awesome. They had a bar in the next room and we got Jack and Cokes. In the area outside they had a food truck selling food, a wonderful artist who I bought 8 prints from and lots of space to stand around and talk. They had a dj spinning in the room with the bar, some tables and some pinball machines. There were scary decorations up and roaming monsters. They also had a cool room playing horror movies on a little tv. It was a nice setup.

They will be doing this event again in June and I think it is definitely worth checking out. We had a lot of fun and will try to make it again.