Penpals A hobby that makes friendships


So it seems strange in this day and age that I spend a portion of my time handwriting letters. I started penpalling when I was 8 years old with a boy from Egypt. It was the coolest experience and I am sad that over the years we lost contact. After that I met a girl while on vacation at a national park and all through junior high we wrote to each other. I wish I had kept up with it through high school .

When I moved out on my own it was a really neat thing that kept me from being lonely. I was writing so much at one point that I was spending close to $200 a month on postage and I was collecting stickers and envelopes so in storage I have boxes of envelopes still.

I have always enjoyed writing I think that’s why blogging became my thing. I have always enjoyed taking the time to sit and write on cute stationery. I really enjoy making friends all over the world and in my life I have even met some of my penpals. Its a relaxing and fun thing for me to do.