Prince a Legend


Prince died three years ago yesterday. I meant to write something yesterday but it was Easter and I was packing.

Growing up I idolized musicians. I loved Britney Spears, Michael Jackson, EverClear, Eve 6. I played Tori Amos’s Little Earthquakes until I could sing every song without the music. Then there was Prince. I was obsessed with his music, his sound, his look. I knew every song off every album. I wanted to be just like him. He was free and himself and so himself that it didn’t matter one bit to him what others thought and even more thought so highly of himself that he thought he could do anything. Young hurting me was stuck on the idea that someday I’d grow up to be free.

I remember when he released an album only in the UK in a magazine. I was devastated and I started asking on every forum I could and every friend I could if anyone would help me get a copy of it. I have 9 copies of it because so many people asked to help me out because they knew how badly I needed it.

I am to this day devastated that I never saw him in concert. The timing was always off. He was on tour when he died and I had already put aside the money to get tickets to that show when it came to LA. I almost had gone to SF to see him but my boyfriend at the time didn’t want me too and I was trying to be a good girlfriend. I regret that.

Prince to me will always be a simple for being yourself and that will always be what I strive to be. So tonight I’m gonna sit here and listen to his music and remember the man who shaped so much of my childhood.