Detective Pikachu is now at 7-11


I was really excited to hear that 7-11 was teaming up with Pikachu to sell some cool stuff. I really loved the Deadpool collaboration they did. As soon as the cups started popping up I ran to my 7-11 to see if they had gotten them in. They hadn’t yet but the manager told me he had ordered stuff and not to worry. It was a couple days later that the store transformed into a pokemon café. They had promotions on the windows and on the machines. They had a whole end cap full of cups, toys, cards and stuffed animals. They were ready for the Pikachu loving fans.

I am in search of the Detective Pikachu stuffed animal they released. I am definitely trying to find him to add to my collection. I was excited to see that they had not only coffee cups but slurpee cups. I first bought a slurpee cup and filled it with the Mr Mime flavor. I don’t know what it is, but if you taste it and guess the flavor they are doing a contest on Instagram/twitter. I think it tastes like pixie sticks but I don’t know the other flavors.

I then purchased it a hot cocoa so that I could also get at least one of the coffee cups. They had a special Pikachu flavor. I did not get it because it had coffee in it and I am not a fan of coffee. I was sad that my store didn’t get in the straws but I will be on the look out for them.

They even added an interactive game in the app and for completing tasks you get both points and free food. The games are cute and I am overly excited for the movie.