Rock Climbing at Sender One


We went with some friends to go rock climbing. I had been wanting to do this for a while but we always end up busy and never end up going. I used to go to Joshua Tree and climb all the time. I miss doing it. I definitely and no longer in a shape that works for doing much rock climbing we learned that really quickly.

We went over to the gym which is incredibly close to my house. I didn’t know this or I might have made the boyfriend go much sooner. We got all the gear we needed and met up with friends. They have been going a couple times a week and enjoyed climbing. We started out on a 7 difficulty. Right away I realized I am far weaker then I want to be because doing the climb was quite difficult. My boyfriend did it first then I did it. Afterwards the boys did some more climbs before they convinced me to do it again. I barely got half way up a 8 difficulty before I tapped out. My arms couldn’t handle it.

I am trying to convince my boyfriend to get a membership with me at the gym so I can get stronger and because they have Aerial classes there and I want to do aerial again. The gym itself was clean and the employees were really nice. It’s a great place to learn and to play. I want to go again.