Sourpuss Clothing Circus Cat Dress


I have stared at this dress wanting to buy it for a while but I have been saving my money and didn’t want to spend too much money on things I didn’t need right this moment.

I didn’t do my due diligence when buying the dress and look at the fabric it was made from. I am sad because the dress is a thin polyester type fabric and not the normal cotton fabric that usually these dresses are made from. It is super cute but definitely not something I would have purchased if I had seen it in a store.


I got it on clearance when it was $20 and they were running a sale for 50% off that. So in the end I paid $15 with shipping for the dress and I think that’s all it is really worth. I will definitely be paying closer attention to what the dresses are made from the next time I order from Sourpuss. I wasn’t really happy with the quality. I had other dresses from them that aren’t cheaply made.