Amazon Treasure Truck


So I had friends tell me about the Amazon Treasure Truck, I’ve seen it gassing up randomly while we were out and about but I had not yet signed up for it. So when they sent me a $10 off your first Treasure Truck item I figured why not check it out. It’s free.

I decided on the Listerine because you also got Men In Black swag and I loved the first movies so I wanted to see what the swag was. I will admit I should have known it was gonna be sunglasses which I can’t use. I had hoped for a shirt. Lol. Nonetheless the truck was about 3 miles from my home so I hopped in an Uber and went on over.

When I got there, I didn’t see really anyone at the truck. I had no idea what to expect. So how it works is you sign up. Amazon sends you text messages about what kind of item is available and where the truck is. It changes all the time, it ranges from tiny items to large expensive items. They also do free giveaways and events. There was a free baby event just recently where you got to try out different baby stuff.

Once you sign up and purchase the item you pick your truck location from the list and then show up at the location during the allotted time. My time was between 1-6pm that day. I went around 2pm. They scan your barcode and give you your item. It’s quick and painless. They had a bean toss game where if you made it in you got a free pair of MIB sunglasses. I made a bean toss in and got the glasses.

So overall it is a cute gimmick. The people running it we’re friendly. They gave me a paper for a free movie ticket if I sent in my receipt. I told the girl it said online purchases excluded. I haven’t tried it yet so I will find out if it doesn’t work. Haha. But I had fun checking it out. If they have something I want and it’s close by again I would go again.