Cthulhu Wars


So a while back there was a really cool Kickstarter for a game called Cthulhu Wars. I really wanted it but the price tag was a little high for me. I ended up working for a board game company for a short time and while I was traveling the country with them, I was gifted this game. It was the best gift from a company I had worked at.

The game is set into Gods all working to take over the world. So each set is one player and you fight against other players to take over. It’s incredibly fun and skill based.

The game comes with a ton of 3d printed characters, which makes for both a lot of boxes for storage and for the high price. The models are well done and look great. The game came with a ton of expansions I only have 2 of them but plan to pick up more.

I had a ton of fun playing it with friends and can’t wait to get a chance to play it again.