Honeycat Cosmetics


I have followed this brand for a while because of the name and the cute things they come out with. I fell in love with this little set because it comes in a coffin. I love the smell of the body wash. The name of the body wash is Blood Sudz.

Its a blood red body wash that comes in a cute black coffin container. This was a small version they had a while ago. Now the newer version comes in a better box and I think I might just have to pick that one up. It suds up well and leaves my body feeling nice. I have bought from them many times and never had any problems.

Everything they sell has the cute cat lady on it. Even this vampire lovers set the front of the coffin adorns her.

Check out http://www.honeycatcosmetics.com to see all their products. I promise you won’t be disappointed. (I wasn’t paid anything to post this, just a fan of their products.)