Stranger Things Clothing at H&M


Stranger Things is about to come back to Netflix and that means there is a lot of merchandise floating around. I am very excited to see all the stuff coming out. One of my favorite items so far that has been released is the demigorgon button up. I ran out and almost bought it for my other half. He has so many Hawaiian shirts that he told me to hold off. The shirt will run you $24.99 and is pretty cool.

I also saw online they had a cute romper but I didn’t see it in stores. When I went into H&M I did see a lot of cute men’s Hawaiian shirts though. I wanted to buy them all.

I like that there is so much coming out because that gives us geeks a chance to really show off what we love, the best part is it isn’t just shirts. I remember a time when the only option you had was a tshirt. Now we have so many options and they are even starting to branch out for men.