Vinyl Conflict – a Godzilla collection


I’m a crazy lover of Godzilla, so when I heard that Gallery Nucleus was going to be exhibiting the giant Godzilla collection before it went to auction I decided I had to go. My other half knows my love and agreed to go with me. We decided to go to the opening of the exhibition instead of the second day because Godzilla was going to be walking around.

The collection was huge and beautiful. We got to the Gallery and there were about 75 people in front of us. We paid the $10 entry fee and got inside. There were so many neat pieces. All different kaiju’s and models. My favorite pieces were of course fat Godzilla and all the strange extra stuff. There was a tea towel I would die for.

They had a DJ playing music and a bar serving kaiju themed alcohol. We looked at all the different toys for about 30 minutes until we both had a headache from the music. I grabbed the collection book so I could look through the collection at my leisure at home.