Slaughterhouse Rulez


Last night I rented Slaughterhouse Rulez. I didn’t even know it had come out. I thought it was yet to be released. The boyfriend is a huge Simon Pegg fan and I thought why not surprise him with the newest movie.

We both agreed in the end the film was a bit to convoluted. We enjoyed it. We laughed and jumped but felt it was just a little too much in the story. There was more then one point in the film that we looked at each other and said “Wait, did we miss something?” and then 20 minutes later in the film they would explain that moment. I didn’t really like that.

Otherwise the acting was fun. I am loving Michael Sheen in Good Omens so seeing him here as the head master was a blast. Simon and Nick are always fun. They didn’t really have screen time together but they were still fun on their own.

The movie overall I’d give it a 7/10 and I’d probably be ok watching it again if someone asked. The monsters were cool and creepy looking. They get a 10/10.