Good Omens – A Delightful Series


I told the other half that we needed to watch Good Omens because I had heard great things about it and I didn’t want to get behind. So over the last week at dinner we ate in and cuddled while binge watching the series. I am so incredibly happy we did. The show is a wonderfully delightful show of friendship and fun. I laughed through the entire show. I loved both Tennant and Sheen together they were a riot.

Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett were behind this wonderful project and a lot of people have said you can see their friendship shining in every scene. I adore that the angel and demon mimic real life. I adore the way the show gives us two unlikely friends and turns them into best friends.

The show is about an angel and a demon working together to save the world from the apocalypse. There is a ton of humor, amazingly slick costumes, great special effects and a cast that shines together. Everyone plays a fantastically great part and brings something new to the show. I am so glad that Amazon decided to create this perfect little gem because I am all in.